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Website Design / Web Design & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Michigan

Based in the Metro Detroit area in Michigan and Minneapolis/St. Paul area of the midwest, Peak Web Marketing provides "top notch" web design and "best in class" search engine marketing consulting and web site optimization services (SEO services) for clients from Detroit to Indianapolis to Chicago.


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Web Design for Small Business

Peak Web Marketing builds you a Professional Website for small business. All websites are completely customized, built specifically to your demands, and will be developed in 1 WEEK!

Affordable Website Design

For what others charge for a website design alone, you can get a full-featured Website Package starting at $300.

Disclaimer: Terms and Conditions for SEO packages

This agreement is between you, referred from now as "CLIENT", and Peak Web Marketing, referred from now on as "PEAK WEB MARKETING".

The CLIENT hereby contracts PEAK WEB MARKETING to improve the ranking of the CLIENT's web site in the search engines in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

1. The CLIENT shall pay PEAK WEB MARKETING 100% of a SEO service plan fee (or as stated in “Proposal” if PEAK WEB MARKETING provided CLIENT with "Proposal") in advance except setting up a payment plan mutually-agreed upon between PEAK WEB MARKETING and the CLIENT. . This advance can be in the form of a check or charged over the phone via credit card or online via credit card and our secured server.

2. Upon receipt of the advance payment from the CLIENT,  PEAK WEB MARKETING will start optimizing the CLIENT's web site for the search engines. Optimization includes all services as outlined in PEAK WEB MARKETING’s “process doc” that will be emailed to the CLIENT upon receipt of the advance. Such optimization will be performed by PEAK WEB MARKETING, or if the CLIENT prefers, PEAK WEB MARKETING can instruct the CLIENT’s webmaster on specific text and html code changes. These changes include minor revisions to web site text, subheads and headings so as to include those keywords approved by the CLIENT

3. PEAK WEB MARKETING agrees to perform those services as outlined in the specific package selected: http://www.peakwebmarketing.com/seo-price.html or as stated in “Proposal” if PEAK WEB MARKETING provided CLIENT with "Proposal".

4. The CLIENT may choose between three packages:

  • Ecomony Plan
  • Basic Plan
  • Deluxe Plan

5. PEAK WEB MARKETING, as part of the initial optimization services, will work to obtain top 20 rankings for those keywords mutually-agreed upon between PEAK WEB MARKETING and the CLIENT.

6. PEAK WEB MARKETING shall not optimize the CLIENT's web site for single word keywords. The PEAK WEB MARKETING shall only optimize the CLIENT's web site for multiple word keywords (Key phrases). In some instances, specific single and multiple word keywords are too broad any may require further targeting or additional investment in order to obtain top 20 rankings. (For example, “cell phones,” “web hosting” or “mutual funds” are highly competitive keywords and would command additional investment to achieve top 20 rankings

7. Upon completion of PEAK WEB MARKETING’s initial services, (approximately within 12 weeks from the start of the optimization work) the CLIENT can select the option to maintain the high rankings achieved by PEAK WEB MARKETING by authorizing the PEAK WEB MARKETING to perform ongoing maintenance. Maintenance investment is indicated in the matrix of services: http://www.peakwebmarketing.com/seo-price.html

8. Maintenance is charged to your credit card every quarter, 100% payable in advance. (For example, maintenance for the 3rd quarter (July/August/September) would be due on July 1st.

9. The CLIENT may select PEAK WEB MARKETING to perform a Yahoo Business Directory Submission. The price for this service is billed at PEAK WEB MARKETING’s cost  if CLIENT select Deluxe plan and Premium plan, and is payable in advance.

10. The number of "top 20 positions" that PEAK WEB MARKETING has obtained for the CLIENT will be calculated on the basis of the positions that PEAK WEB MARKETING has managed to obtained for the CLIENT's web site in the major search engines and directories, i.e. AltaVista, AOL, Google, Teoma/Ask Jeeves, Lycos, MSN, Netscape, Open Directory and Yahoo

11. The CLIENT agrees that PEAK WEB MARKETING will add a link from the CLIENT’s site (all pages) to the PEAK WEB MARKETING’s site. The text of the link reads: "SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services by Peak Web Marketing", "Michigan seo" and "Michigan web design".

12. The copyright to the pages created by PEAK WEB MARKETING will belong to the CLIENT. However, if the CLIENT makes any changes to these pages without the advice of the PEAK WEB MARKETING, the PEAK WEB MARKETING will not be responsible for the consequences.

13. Because of frequent changes made by the search engines in the methods by which they rank sites, the PEAK WEB MARKETING does not guarantee that the search engine positions that the PEAK WEB MARKETING has obtained for the CLIENT will be permanent. However, if COMPANY fails to achieve 3 top 20 positions in the major search engines with the Basic SEO plan, COMPANY will start over “SEO” services with no cost to CLIENT.

14. In order to create the optimized pages for the CLIENT, PEAK WEB MARKETING may ask the CLIENT to provide new or additional content related to the CLIENT's site. The CLIENT will promptly provide the PEAK WEB MARKETING with the content required by the PEAK WEB MARKETING. If the PEAK WEB MARKETING must generate the needed content, additional investment will be required.

15. Whenever PEAK WEB MARKETING recommends certain modifications to the design or content of the CLIENT's web site in order to improve the position of the CLIENT's web site in the search engines, the CLIENT will promptly make such modifications.

16. PEAK WEB MARKETING will not give out information related to the personal or financial affairs of the CLIENT to any third party unless specifically instructed to do so by the CLIENT.

17. Prices of our products and services are subject to change without notice. Any service that is contacted for will be honored at the price available at the time of purchase of PEAK WEB MARKETING’s services. CLIENT has the option to lock-in maintenance fees by purchasing a year’s worth of services in advance.

18. CLIENT agrees that PEAK WEB MARKETING’s fees are based on the amount of time invested on an hourly basis. As such, only a specific number of hours of consulting are including in each of the packages. Should those hours be exhausted, additional investment may be required.

19. CLIENT agrees that any testimonial or opinion given with respect to the PEAK WEB MARKETING’s services, may be used in PEAK WEB MARKETING’s marketing materials, and this agreement constitutes as written release of any rights by the CLIENT or the CLIENT’s authorized agent to do so.

20. If the CLIENT applies by a registered letter for a refund within fifteen (15) days after payment received by PEAK WEB MARKETING from CLIENT, work already completed shall be billed at the hourly rate of $75, and deducted from the initial payment. If the work that has been completed is beyond the amount covered in the initial payment, the CLIENT shall be liable to pay for all work completed at the hourly rate of $75.

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Michigan SEO web design Michigan SEO services

Michigan SEO web design in Michigan begins with Peak Web Marketing