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Archive for May, 2009

Initial capital letters for place names

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

Capital letters for place names for local search engine optimization (local SEO)

Google’s algorithm now appears to be viewing the capitalized versions of keywords as separate from the lowercase versions. In another word, Google is making distinctions in keywords based on whether or not the first letter is capitalized. The question is whether people search for place names with or without using the capital letter at the start of the name.

The search patterns and habits of visitors have a greater relevance with Google rankings being case sensitive. Lowercase and slang phrases are more prevalent in teen audiences, while proper grammar searches such as using captial letters for place names are done more by a 35+ age demographic.

In conlusion, it depends on your target demographic, but our recommendation is to use Initial captial letters for place names for local search engine optimization (SEO).


Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Randy Windsor, the SEO facilitator with Network Solutions,  said as follows:

There are a few best practices that should be followed to keep from setting off alarms with the engines when you are setting up interlinking.

  • It might look suspicious if you have many interlinked sites launched on the same day. So try to do a little at a time when setting the links up. Link out from one on one day and link from that one out to others at different times.
  • The web site the interlinked sites point to must have other links from other sites. (If you do not do this, all your sites have same back links.
  • Do not link all of your sites to all of your other sites. (This causes issues with reciprocal linking (bringing down the value) of the links and makes the interconnectivity between them stand out.) Remember that one way links are more powerful.
  • All of this will work much better if there is relevant information for the visitors of all the linked sites. Be sure they have some interest to share before you create links just for the sake of a link. The engines have the interest of the users in mind.

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