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Google Local Listings | Google local business listings – local SEO

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

Google Local Listings for multiple cities

Do you want to know how to get multiple listings and ranking within the 10-Box of the local search engine results as well as in Google Maps, Yahoo! Local and other local searches? In another word, you want to know how to get your website listed in multiple cities in Google Maps?

The four principles to multiple Google local listings are simple:

  1. Get addresses for your branch offices and (if applicable) phone number in each area
  2. Create links and content focused on the cities you want placement in
  3. Submit your listings to multiple business directories
  4. Add your target city names to Google Business Center

You don’t have to have a phone number in each area, but Google will send you a letter to each office to verify that your business is operating at the address. 

In terms of creating links and content focused on the cities, you can create like “Local SEO services for Detroit” page (

In addition, you need to submit your website to yellow pages, local business directories, local search engines and Local Social Networks. For more detail, please go to Google Maps SEO - Google Maps optimization & marketing page.

Finally, you got to simply type in your local keywords such as city names at Google Business Center so that you can better control the terms you rank under.

If this doesn’t work out, please ask a professional SEO expert. Peak Web Marketing can take care of your local listings in over 10 cities starting from $200/mo. Call 1-248-449-2999 or e-mail us at

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