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SEO Meta Keyword Tags

Optimize Meta Keyword Tags

The least important factor in optimizing a web site for search engine rankings is the use of the meta keyword tag. Similar to the meta description tag, the meta keyword tag contains a list of keywords or phrases spareted by comas, that describe the subject matter of a paticular web page. Today, the search engines give little considerration to meta keyword tag. Still, you should not skip implementing this tag on all your web pages. What sort of significance the search engines may place on this tag in the future is impossible to know, and although you are not likely to see an increase in your rankings with today’s ranking algorithms, anything is possible down the road.

For each page on your web site, generate a short list of no more than 10 (ten) keywords or phrases, and include them in the meta keyword tag. Don’t repeat keywords or phrase. Here is a tip for you. Put the most important keyword first in the keyword meta tag.

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  2. search engine optimization says:

    Meta tags are often part of the coding of a website, although they are being found less and less these days. Meta tags are elements of the web page language HTML or XHTML that provide metadata, data or information for the search engines about that webpage.

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