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SEO Meta Keyword Tags

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Optimize Meta Keyword Tags

The least important factor in optimizing a web site for search engine rankings is the use of the meta keyword tag. Similar to the meta description tag, the meta keyword tag contains a list of keywords or phrases spareted by comas, that describe the subject matter of a paticular web page. Today, the search engines give little considerration to meta keyword tag. Still, you should not skip implementing this tag on all your web pages. What sort of significance the search engines may place on this tag in the future is impossible to know, and although you are not likely to see an increase in your rankings with today’s ranking algorithms, anything is possible down the road.

For each page on your web site, generate a short list of no more than 10 (ten) keywords or phrases, and include them in the meta keyword tag. Don’t repeat keywords or phrase. Here is a tip for you. Put the most important keyword first in the keyword meta tag.

seo meta description tags

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

Optimize meta description tags

You should optimize each and every meta description tag on your website because meta description tags are part of the display information that visitors see when your web site is listed in the search engines. The meta description tag contains a brief description of what your web page is about, and although not as infuluential as it once was in the search-engine ranking process, the meta description tag is important, because you can use it as a method to deliver your markeitng message and entice search-engine visitors to click on your listing versus clicking on your competition. The meta description tag is located in the header of an HTML document and its syntax is as follows:

At once time, the meta description tag could be stuffed with keywords and phrases in an attempt to trick the search engines into believing a web page was more relevant to those terms than it actually was. Advances in search-engine ranking algorithms have reduced the impact the meta description tag has on rankings, but from a human visitor standpoint, it is still important. When search-engine users find your page in search engine results pages (SERP), the text contained within your meta description tag often appears directly undeneath the title tag.

Create a few compelling sentences describing yoour product, services or web site content, and place them in your meta description tag. The description should interest the potential visitors and tempt them to click your search-engine result links. Make sure all your web pages have unique meta description tags. You may be tempted to replicatethe same tag throughout your entire website,m but this practice is likely to hurt your rankings: the major search engines could determine that all your pages are duplicate, which measn that you might get penalty from search engines, and your website will disappear from the SERP or your website ranking will slip down.

seo title tags

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

Optimize Title Tags

The title tag is possibly your most important consideration when you try to raise your search engine rankings for a particular keyword or phrase. Search engines use the text contrained within the title tags as a primary factor to determine what the content of a certain web page is about. The text that typically appears on the search engine results pages (SERP) when your website appears in the rankings. Title tag text also appears at the top of a web browser when someone is visiting a particular page on your web site.

Limit your title tag to 65 characters or less because most of search engines do not display any more than that. Your title tag should be a concise statement summarizing the main point of your content, and should be a compelling enough to entice search-engine users to click the link text and visit your web site. Additionally, your title tag must be unique for each and every page of your web site and should include the one or two keywords you want the page to rank for.

If you are building a website for a business, include the company name in the title tag. If your company name is already well known, seach-engine users may try to find it; having the company name in the title tag. If your company name is not well known, including it in the title tag with key phrases that describe the field in which it operates provides an oppotunity to present that companhy as an authority in the field. In this case, it’s more effective to put the company name at the end of the title tag than putting it at the beginning of the title tage, because you want to taret other keywords than your company name, since your company name is not well known.

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