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Minneapolis SEO Minnesota SEO Company

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Here is a Minneapolis SEO, Minnesota SEO company that we can recommend for SEO services in Minneapolis, MN. Constant Rank is a Minneapolis Internet marketing company providing a comprehensive Internet marketing services including search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, Video SEO, web design & development, email marketing and more.

Google Penguin SEO

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

Google penguin is to update to fight against web spams. Google Penguin SEO is to re-optimize your website to avoid the Google Penguin Update affect,

To avoid Google Penguin Updates,

•Keyword stuffing - Do not put or repeat again and again keywords and only keywords in title and description.
•Do not over-optimize - webmasters use repeat keywords that create words and phrase stuffing and all that black hat SEO tricks those are not acceptable and Google love to penalized for over optimization.
•Make sensible title that looks for human readable not for machine.
•Use simple words people do not use and search industry jargon as wrote in googlewebmaster blog.
•Avoid unnatural links - buying links from link firms and high volume of links from the same C class IP address
•Do not publish duplicate content, spun content or article spinning, it could be raise plagiarism issue anytime that will be dangerous for your blog.
•Guest post, Well guest posting is a white hat seo but we can’t ignore if spun content used without your knowledge.
•Too much affiliate links that does not have nothing information just only affiliate related content.
•Avoid hidden text and links those used for special purpose for search engine only.

Google Sitelinks Has Expanded To 12 Packs

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Google has announced the expansion of sitelinks to provide better search experiences to the Google users. Google sitelinks was 4 packs - a single row of just four links, but now Google sitelinks has expanded to 12 packs as shown below.

Sitelinks are quite useful, because it gives you a good overview of a website’s content ,which helps you quickly navigate to the most relevant part of the site.

Page Speed and SEO

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

Google has publicly announced that the time it takes for your web pages to load will be a factor in your ranking. In another word, site speed has became one of Google search ranking algorithms. There is an interesting SEO news that Google is incorporating site speed as one of the over 200 signals that we use in determining search rankings. Before choosing a web host for your web site, be sure that clients using their hosting solutions have fast web sites. Some web hosting companies are over-burdened, making the web site of all their clients load slowly. Make sure to optimize your flash files if you use flash animation in your website.

How Google Instant impact SEO

Saturday, September 11th, 2010

Google Instant is simply people searching at warp speed. Rather than getting their search results during a search session that might take several minutes, now they might get their answers within a minute.

Now, how Google Instant impact SEO? In my opinion, Google Instant will change user behaviors. Online users will narrow down the keyword search query, which means that they will use small keyword phrases than bigger keyword phrases, because they will learn “how to search” from Google Instant. For example, a Google user searching the keyword “Bichon Frise” will see suggested results for “Bichon Frise puppies” and “Bichon Frise for sale”, as they type the word “Bichon Frise.” In this case, the big keyword phrase is “Bichon Frise” and the small keyword phrases are “Bichon Frise puppies” and “Bichon Frise for sale”. Therefore, choosing more small keyword phrases for optimization will be beneficial for SEO in the future. In another word, you won’t be able to depend on the big keyword phrases that currently bring traffic to your website. Google Instant will lead a webmaster to add more specific keyword phrases for SEO than before.

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