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C Class IP Hosting

One of SEO Hosting methods include C class ip hosting. C class ip hosting is to provide a different set of IPs on the data servers that are located in different places. These IP’s have separate Control Panel and server for each website. In this way, they are able to achieve backlinks from sites that do not have the same IP address.

What is the C class of IPs?. Every website has an IP address. Some have dedicated while others share the IP address. A typical IP address such as has four sets. A, B, C, D. The 85 is the C class of IP. This is the part of the IP address that determines the location. If two websites contains different C blocks, they are considered to be two different websites in two different location. This is the basic idea behind the SEO hosting. The webmasters are able to get backlinks from different websites and hence create a cost effective solution to their cluster of websites.

Now, the question is whether it is bad for SEO if you have the same C class ip addresses with websites that you got back links from. The answer is no. Google just lowers the value of these back links so that people who own several domains don’t have an automatic advantage over others due to excessive linking. Basically, the more C blocks the better. Google uses these C blocks to determine how close the relationships between the domains are. Google would tend to assume that these two sites are related, since they are on IPs right next to each other.

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