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VPS Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting

SEO Hosting

SEO hosting
When it comes to SEO hosting, here is a question; Which one should we choose for SEO, VPS (virtual Private Server) or dedicated hosting?  Let’s talk about shared hosting, vps hosting and dedicated hosting before we answer the question.

Shared Hosting

You shared other websites with a server space, so usually, you also shared the same IP address with other websites. The speed is usually “slower” than VPS server and dedicated server, and when users reach the limit, your website can crash. Those results can have negative impact on SEO. The only advantage that you can have in shared hosting is “cost” such as $10 or $5 per month.

VPS Hosting

VPS server (Virtual Private Server) is also as the name says, a Virtual server. So basically you still have a shared hosting, you and someone else can have a website on the same server, but each of you has his own virtual server that is private only for you and you are accessing it as the root user. VPS hosting

The benefits of a VPS server are that it’s customizable, has greater functions and still a very approachable price compared to a full dedicated server. You also have a limited RAM and disk space, but that can be scaled to your needs. Of course, the more you go up the higher the price. But it’s great as you can fit it to your needs. Also, you can have your own dedicated IP.

Here is a clip from Parallels regarding “the benefits of Virtural Private Server (VPS)”

Dedicated Hosting

dedicated hosting
Dedicated server is obviously the top of the line; it is a private server which you can customize to your liking starting from an operating system of your choice to hardware and performances. This is usually expensive and is only for company websites that require specific customizations.

Now, to answer the question of VPS hosting or dedicated hosting for SEO is that if you don’t have a huge complex website, you can go with VPS. Google values websites that have “speed” and “constantly display the website to viewers”. The question is whether choosing vps hosting and dedicated hosting make a big difference on SEO? As long as you keep an eye on the bandwidth usage, memory usages and disk space usage in virtual private server, your website will display at constant fast speed, and you will be fine.

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