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How Google Instant impact SEO

Google Instant is simply people searching at warp speed. Rather than getting their search results during a search session that might take several minutes, now they might get their answers within a minute.

Now, how Google Instant impact SEO? In my opinion, Google Instant will change user behaviors. Online users will narrow down the keyword search query, which means that they will use small keyword phrases than bigger keyword phrases, because they will learn “how to search” from Google Instant. For example, a Google user searching the keyword “Bichon Frise” will see suggested results for “Bichon Frise puppies” and “Bichon Frise for sale”, as they type the word “Bichon Frise.” In this case, the big keyword phrase is “Bichon Frise” and the small keyword phrases are “Bichon Frise puppies” and “Bichon Frise for sale”. Therefore, choosing more small keyword phrases for optimization will be beneficial for SEO in the future. In another word, you won’t be able to depend on the big keyword phrases that currently bring traffic to your website. Google Instant will lead a webmaster to add more specific keyword phrases for SEO than before.

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