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Facebook Business Page URL - How To Create a Facebook URL for Business

Do you need a Facebook business URL? If your Facebook fan page for your business is established and has a growing fan base, then you can easily create a business vanity URL for your business Facebook page. For example, one of our clients’,  Parkut International’s Facebook vanity URL is These URLs make it easier for fans and customers to remember (or guess) where your page is located and it gives page owners a nice brand boost. Facebook has also opened up vanity URLs for Facebook Pages for those with more than 25 fans.

First you have to set up a personal account for Facebook. Only then you can set up a business page. At first the business page will have the url of……………….. Once you get 25 fans to your page, you can then change the url to your own vanity url by going to and changing it to, for example,

There are easy 5 steps to create a Facebook URL for business.

  1. Go to
  2. Click [Set a username] for your pages
  3. Pull down and select the page that you administer (see the screenshot below)
  4. Enter a custom, personal URL for that page and click [Check availability]
  5. Accept the vanity URL for your business Facebook page and start promoting it

Facebook business URL

Please note that your Facebook business page is not your profile page, so if you want to create the Facebook Business URL, the second paragraph is the one that you want to deal with.

When you’re selecting your Facebook vanity URL, keep in mind that the name you choose essentially becomes your URL. You can’t change it once you set it up. We would recommend using your business name, but there are opportunities to use keywords. You want to pick something that properly represents your brand and that will be easy for people to remember.

What if your business name is not available for Facebook Business URL? The requirement for Facebook vanity URL is as follows:

  1. Usernames can only include alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9) or a period (.).
  2. Usernames are not transferable or editable.
  3. Your page must have at least 25 fans to establish a Facebook vanity URL.

Therefore, if your business name has already taken for Facebook Business Page URL, we recommend you to use “-” (dash / hyphen) between the words.

Once you set up your Facebook business URL, you need to change the default Facebook landing page to the right Facebook landing page, which attracts visitors to become your fans. Remember that the landing tab is the decision maker of the visitors to like your fan page, so you need to create a warm, unique “welcome” page. For how to change the default Facebook landing page, please visit “Facebook landing page“.

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