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Based in the Metro Detroit area in Michigan and Chicago, Peak Web Marketing provides "top notch" web design and "best in class" search engine optimization services (Michigan SEO services), link building services, social media marketing (Web 2.0 marketing)and website optimization consulting for clients from Detroit to Toledo to Cleveland to Chicago to Minneapolis (Minnesota): 

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Social Media Marketing Services

Web 2.0 Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) / web 2.0 is a form of Internet marketing which focuses on generating traffic and seeks to achieve branding and marketing communication goals through the participation in various social media networks including and YouTube. Social networking allows you to build large lists of contracts and supporters that can assist in spreading the word about your business and web site. Social news services provide a platform for others to vote on your content and share your stories with others. Finally video sharing websites allow you to upload, view and share video clips with millions of potential visitors.

Why is it important for small businesses to use social media marketing (SMM)?

Most small businesses don’t have the money for a big traditional advertising campaign; but, they might just have the time to become a social media celebrity by building relationships and network through social media networks.

This page outlines how you can use social media networks to increase traffic to build links to your website. Social media marketing (SMM) or social media optimization (SMO) is an extension of your search engine marketing (SEM) or search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, using social media web sites to build links that can get your website ranked well organically in search engines.

Social Media Network with Facebook - Branding and Increasing Traffic

Facebook is a social networking website that allows you to interact with other businesses and advertise your services. Although the majority of Internet users don't use any of the popular social media networks at all to interact with their favorite brands, among who do, 34 percent of social networking website users use Facebook, which leads us to conclude that Facebook is the best social media network website. It's the place for branding and increasing traffic to your website.

Micro-blog with Twitter

Twitter is a free social networking service that allows you to micro-blog by sending short "updates" of 140 characters or less to others via a text message from your mobile phone, by typing a message from the Twitter site or using instant messaging from Jabber or Google Talk. Twitter is the most widely used micro-blogging network in the world. Micro-blogging is a very powerful and increasingly popular way to communicate with friends and clients, build buzz, and generate prospective business leads. Many celebrities, as well as popular bloggers and Twitters, use Twitter to network with friends in real time.

Social Media Network with StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a peer and social networking technology including a toolbar that you install in your web browser. The StumbleUpon toolbars allows you to discover and rate web pages, videos, photos, and news articles. This is an effective way to increase traffic and to build backlinks to your website. An example includes Stumble Upon SEO page.

Social Media Network with MySpace

My Space is a leading social network web site that allows you to build lists of friends and interact with people all over the world through profile pages, pictures, music, videos, and blogs. The MySpace community has over 200 million members and is on eof the most popular websites in the United States. MySpace is not only young people, but also used by businesses that use MySpace as a vehicle to manage reputation, build brand recognition and back links to your web site, and promote products.

Increase Traffic with MyBlogLog

MyBlogLog is a popular social networking service that includes a popular web widget that you can install on your blog or content web site, and that shows your visitors the most recent website, and that shows your visitors the most recent MyBlogLog members who have visited your website, including each member's avatar and screen name.

Social Media Network with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a popular business-oriented social networking site that allows you to network with business professionals and build a list of contracts. By building a database of contracts with people you know and trust in business, you have access to a large network of friends with whom you can conduct business, offer jobs and promote your business. The people in our LinkedIn contract list are referred to as connections. You can invite anyone, regardless of whether he or she is a LinkedIn user or not, to become one of your connections.

Network with Sphinn

Sphinn is a social news web site that allows you to read, submit, and vote on content; read and take part in online discussions: and network with others. The Sphinn web site is an extension of the popular search-engine marketing website and consists primarily of search-engine and interactive marketing professionals interested in a broad range of topics in the technology field.

Sphinn is a great place to generate interest in your business, especially if what you do is related in some way to online marketing or technology.

Build Followers with Twitter Search

Twitter Search is Twitter's powerful and increasingly popular real-time search engine. Unlike major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, which updates every few days or sometime even weeks, Twitter Search updates its entire database of news and personal updates, also known as "Tweets", as they occur. The most powerful way to use Twitter Search and build the number of people who follow you on Twitter is to type keywords into Twitter Search that relate to your specific product or service. When Twitter delivers search results, you should follow those users who mention the target keyword phrases.

Social Media Network with Google +

Google+ is a valuable social media platform for job candidates and shares the networking strengths of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Your Google+ page can also be used as an effective landing page, since Google indexes your Google + pages. Use Google + as you do your other social media profiles and posts.

Social Media Marketing Web 2.0 Marketing

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